The Armour Group was formed in 1984 and quickly became one of the leading providers of specialist coatings in the South East. The two main arms of the group are Armour Contracts Ltd which was founded in 1984 and TRC Surface Waterproofing Ltd which is now Armour Roofing. As part of the on-going development programme that came with the appointment of two new directors to Armour in the financial year 2009/10, Armour Contracts became the Armour Group.

The recent purchase of South-East London based specialist scaffolding contractor Hadley Scaffolding, has added to the growth of the company and increased the portfolio of services that we can offer to our Clients.

The business has since diversified into other associated disciplines that were demanded by our growing number of loyal customers. This included decorating and planned maintenance as we sought to provide a comprehensive and integrated ‘one stop shop’ service. The Armour Group provides services for local authorities, schools, sports venues, social housing clients and many other clients.

Armour Group is looking to expand and increase both the scope and size of its activities in the medium term and will consider further acquisitions should the opportunity occur. As a Group privately owned by the three directors we have no external shareholders to satisfy and are not liable to be subject to hostile takeover activity. In the event of one of the directors wishing to retire the other two would take the immediate option to buy out his shares thereby retaining the financial stability and integrity of the Group structure.

Our management team is highly experienced in developing strategies for improvement and in creating truly collaborative relationships. The continued investment in this area has been the catalyst for our company’s growth. We strive to maintain and attract the best staff and to develop our team through ongoing training and Continuous Professional Development.

Our aim is to provide an efficient, effective and personal service to all of our clients. We guarantee first class project management, highly skilled staff and genuine partnership to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and ongoing improvement for all our clients.

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